Hot tip for all you gift-givers: Whether you’re searching for milestone birthday gift ideas for your best bud, meaningful mementos for a pet mom, or just a pretty pick-me-up for yourself, there’s no better time to find some new treat-worthy treasures than when the annual Etsy Design Awards rolls around. For three years running, thousands of talented creators and curators have joined our global competition to share their gifts with our community, turning out pieces so wonderfully unique that they shoot straight to the top of our wish lists.

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Which is why today, we’re thrilled to announce the 2021 finalists! From moving paintings to mix-and-match statement earrings, this year’s batch of 100 beautifully crafted, thoughtfully designed finds is brimming with great gifting inspo. Read on to discover ten designs we’re ready to tie a bow on and take home, then explore the full list of finalists and vote for your own top picks. How? Simply favorite any of the 100 items that speaks to you! The seller whose listing gets the most love between now and July 20 will win the Klarna People’s Pick Award—a $5,000 prize. And a bonus for US-based buyers: You’ll receive a $10 Etsy credit when you use Klarna to purchase from any finalist.* And now without further ado, our go-to gifts of the moment…

A sparkly suncatcher

A prismatic hanging suncatcher from Sol Proano
Suncatcher from Sol Proano | 2021 Finalist: Art

Adorned with two oversized, prismatic crystals, this dangly diamond mobile from Sol Proano casts mini rainbows about the room in an enchanting way that’s sure to dazzle any daydreamer. We envision it catching light (and spreading joy) in the midst of a leafy green indoor garden or glimmering in a sunny kitchen window.

A clutch with character

Assorted jute and Ankara fabric handbags from CeCe Finery
Handbag from CeCe Finery | 2021 Finalist: Bags & Accessories

Every snappy dresser knows it’s all about the accessories, and this stylish handbag from CeCe Finery—constructed with a mix of durable jute and colorful African wax print fabrics—makes a beautiful statement piece for both fans of neutral everyday wear and pattern-mixing maximalists. 

A serpentine shirt

A crisp white button-down shirt from Daria Creative adorned with a hand-painted snake
Hand-painted snake shirt from Daria Creative | 2021 Finalist: Clothing & Shoes

Speaking of snappy dressers, for those who love to rock an eye-catching, edgy look, this crisp button-down blouse from Daria Creative will get tons of double-takes. Hand-painted with a friendly snake slung over the shoulders, it’s the desert-chic shirt of our wildest dreams.  

A twist on terrazzo

A pink terrazzo vase from Badger & Birch, shaped like a seashell
Terrazzo shell vase from Badger & Birch | 2021 Finalist: Home & Living

Combining two top trends from the past few years (terrazzo and shell shapes), this whimsical vase from Badger & Birch will delight eco-minded decorators with the clever way it incorporates its own oceanic inspiration. The seller takes leftover mussel, oyster, and lobster shells from local restaurants, and cleans and crushes them to give each elegant vessel its signature speckle.

A pretty place to play

A green linen leaf-shaped play mat from OMOLOKO
Linen leaf-shaped play mat from OMOLOKO | 2021 Finalist: Kids

New parents will appreciate how this versatile sage green linen play mat from OMOLOKO complements any nature-inspired decor scheme. Not only does the leaf shape make a soft and serene backdrop for baby’s play, the mat transitions effortlessly to a decorative accent rug to be enjoyed long after the toys are put away.

A wearable pet portrait

A hand-sculpted clay brooch customized to look like a dog's face, from Nico Made Me
Custom clay pet brooch from Nico Made Me | 2021 Finalist: Pets

With a custom-crafted brooch from Nico Made Me, pet lovers can bring their faithful furry companions everywhere they go. Each cuddly little clay face is sculpted by hand to capture every adorable quirk, from Fido’s floppy ear to the two-tone tip of your kitten’s glistening nose.

A cabin-esque card box

A wooden cabin-shaped wedding card box from Baraboshkin House
A-frame wedding card box from Baraboshkin House | 2021 Finalist: Weddings & Celebrations

Wedding decor that can be repurposed after the big day? Now that’s a gift. Meticulously designed by Baraboshkin House, this artful, illuminated A-frame card box brings a rustic touch to a receiving table, then once the envelopes have been collected, will look equally charming lighting up a display shelf or entryway console at home. 

Heartwarming wall art

An art print featuring three Black boys playing in the sea, by Mark Milligan
“Black Boy Joy – Inocencia Negra” print from Mark Milligan Art | 2021 Finalist: Art

Treat your loved ones to a splash of pure joy with this exuberant painting from Mark Milligan Art. Simply hang in a prominent place, and let the three jubilant boys at play serve as a daily reminder to nurture and embrace your own childlike wonder.

Dazzling mismatched danglers

Mismatched geometric acrylic earrings from Combinist
Geometric acrylic earrings from Combinist | 2021 Finalist: Jewelry

Calling all fierce fashionistas! As easy to wear as they are on the eyes, these lightweight acrylic statement earrings from Combinist mix vibrant colors and playful geometric shapes to create abstract art for the ears. The best part? You can even customize the colors to match your recipient’s style.

A lovely vintage looking glass 

A vintage fleur de lis vanity mirror from Otherwise Shoppe
Vintage fleur de lis vanity mirror from Otherwise Shoppe | 2021 Finalist: Vintage

Encircled in ornate gold-painted fleur de lis, this vintage tabletop vanity from Otherwise Shoppe will make anyone feel like royalty while they make themselves up for the day—and double as a reminder that timeless beauty takes many shapes.

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Explore their one-of-a-kind creations and be sure to check back in August, when the winners will be revealed. 

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