For as long as you can remember, your dad has always been your rock. And no matter the trouble you got into—losing the car keys, missing curfew, or coming home with that one regrettable tattoo—somehow he always kept his signature cool. But on your wedding day? Let’s just say all bets are off. It might be the glow on your lovestruck face, the string of heartfelt toasts, or maybe there’s just something in the cake, but this special day has a way of bringing out the big ol’ softy in everyone. And when it comes to picking a personalized present to thank Dad for his years of patience, wisdom, and wit, you’ll know you’ve chosen well when even your rock starts tearing up. Read on for the gifts that made the fathers of these real-life Etsy brides undeniably misty-eyed:

Framed song lyrics

Whether it’s the father-daughter dance song you swayed to on your big day or the cheerful little tune he used to sing whenever you were blue, a framable song lyric print from Finch & Cotter makes a touching tribute to the notes that strike a special chord between you two. Says one sentimental shopper:

“A great experience! They were able to make some edits that I requested before final approval of the print and it shipped almost immediately after I approved it. I received it quickly, and the final product was even more gorgeous than I had imagined. It made my dad cry! I highly recommend.” — PL

A hand-embroidered handkerchief

For the dad who secretly turns to mush whenever you hit a major milestone, a hanky he can tuck smartly in his pocket is just the thing. This one comes custom embroidered, so you can thank him in your own words for always standing by you. Just ask this delighted daughter:

“My father absolutely loved this gift! (He definitely needed it, too!”) — MB

A tie patch with a secret message

The perfect way to let Dad know he’s always with you? Sew a little reminder onto the inside of his tie. With a charming personalized patch from Sew Happy Girls, he can keep your sentimental message close to the vest, but still steal a peek at it whenever he likes. And according to this contented customer, all it takes is a few quick stitches:

“I had my stepmom sneak my dad’s tie over to me the morning of the wedding so I could sew in this patch. It was so easy! Rumor is he cried when he saw it. It looked great!” — SC

Custom photo cufflinks

Today you may be a vision in lace and tulle, but chances are Dad still remembers you as that bow-legged, Cheeto-faced little girl. Tap into his nostalgia for your earliest adventures together with a pair of silver-plated cufflinks showcasing a favorite childhood photo and your choice of personalized note. Shares one satisfied bride:

“My Dad LOVED this wedding gift, and of course it made him cry! Would highly suggest this shop!” — CL

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