In search of the perfect birthstone ring, necklace, or bracelet? Check out our diverse collection of dazzling birthstone jewelry for endless inspiration.

Gem lovers, rejoice: Birthstone jewelry is more in demand than ever, and Etsy sellers have got you covered with beautifully reimagined twists on the classics. From on-trend ombré strands in ruby red and emerald green to dazzling multi-gem raw birthstone rings that combine unexpected shapes with a touch of glimmer, the knockout pieces from these expert designers and curators encourage you to pile on any (and every) gem that suits your personal style—no matter where on the calendar your birthday falls. Read on to discover six extraordinary birthstone jewelry collections we’re currently crushing on, and let their distinctive designs inspire you as you search for your next birthday gift idea, milestone marker, or custom keepsake meant just for you.

Delicate jewelry designs from Aquarian Thoughts

Birthstone jewelry from Aquarian Thoughts, on Etsy
SHOP (clockwise from top left): Gemstone stacking rings, from $38 each; citrine hoop earrings, from $42; dainty beaded chain bracelets, from $38 each; geometric birthstone necklace, from $40; trillion-cut gemstone stacking rings, from $42 each, all from Aquarian Thoughts

Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect present for a loved one or for yourself, Nadirah Bostick’s layering-friendly line of birthstone rings, necklaces, and bangles promises something sparkly and special to suit every ensemble. Offering a veritable rainbow of dainty yet modern pieces specifically designed for stacking, New Jersey-based Aquarian Thoughts has become a go-to for maximalists looking to build their own unique look with multiple stones at a time. Nadirah’s personal accessorizing approach? “The more the merrier. If you mix metals and styles, and each one is something you’re really attracted to, then it’s meaningful. It tells its own story,” she says.

Carefully sourced gemstones from Abiza

Birthstone jewelry from Abiza, on Etsy
SHOP (clockwise from top left): Amethyst rings, $83 each; seed pearl bracelet, from $59; raw garnet necklace, from $56; turquoise necklace, from $83; citrine dangle earrings, from $111, all from Abiza

With dainty beaded bracelets, elegant drop earrings, and timeless birthstone necklaces, the Abiza collection is a study in understated sophistication—and top-notch quality, thanks to a meticulous, globe-spanning sourcing process. “Every stone in our shop is carefully selected and directly purchased by us in the gemstone market in Jaipur, India, which is the world’s gem capital,” says owner Aylin Kucukoglu, who is based in Chester, England. “Since our designs are based on showcasing the gemstones, we pick them one by one to make sure the end result is always amazing.”

Stunning vintage birthstone jewelry from Gold Adore

Birthstone jewelry from Gold Adore, on Etsy
SHOP (clockwise from top left): Aquamarine and diamond ring, $745; sapphire and diamond necklace, $1,245; emerald and diamond snake earrings, $599; diamond and ruby halo ring, $1,999; opal cluster bangle, $995, all from Gold Adore

From breathtaking 19th century rubies to 1950s cocktail rings dripping with old Hollywood allure, the beautifully preserved vintage showstoppers in certified gemologist Gillian Griffiths’s shop, Gold Adore, abound. “The most rewarding part is when I see my pieces being worn,” she says. “Some of my reviews have made me cry happy tears.” Her one-of-a-kind statement rings and Art Deco pendants show off birthstones in their full splendor, and Gillian encourages shoppers to branch out from their comfort zone when sporting their signature gem. “Birthstone jewelry is special because it incorporates a bit of the personality of the wearer,” she says. “The colorful array encourages people to shop outside what they might traditionally go for.”

Raw gemstone stacking pieces from Ringcrush

Birthstone jewelry from Ringcrush, on Etsy
SHOP (clockwise from top left): Raw amethyst bar necklace, $24; raw birthstone bracelet, from $30; raw Herkimer diamond rings, $30 each; raw peridot earrings, $30; raw citrine ring, $30, all from Ringcrush

Whether it’s a pair of brilliant cluster earrings, an ultra-chic bar necklace, or a versatile set of stackable birthstone rings, each Ringcrush piece is intentionally created to spotlight a one-of-a-kind raw gemstone. Using a process called electroforming which involves “growing” stones until solid metal forms around them, shop founder Bailey Christenbury and team combine expert design chops and serious technological know-how. “It’s my favorite part of the process,” says Bailey of the unique jewelry making technique. “It’s science, but it feels like magic.”

 Modern jewelry inspired by nature from Robin Woodard

Birthstone jewelry from Robin Woodard, on Etsy
SHOP (clockwise from left): Oblong pearl hoops, $74; raw citrine choker, $52; ruby teardrop ring, $68; turquoise earrings, $58.50; raw amethyst necklace, $42, all from Robin Woodard

“Nature is my muse,” says Los Angeles-based maker Robin Woodard, whose geometric emerald pendants and modern pearl-adorned hoop earrings feature minimalistic chains and settings constructed to let the stones’ organic beauty shine. And with Robin’s background as a fashion stylist (she created her first jewelry pieces for photo shoots), it’s no surprise that she designs with the vision of a complete ensemble in mind. “I think the best jewelry can be easily dressed up or dressed down,” she says. “But either way, a simple outfit can be totally transformed by the right piece.”

Simple and elegant statement pieces from Pablo Valencia

Birthstone jewelry by Pablo Valencia, on Etsy
SHOP (clockwise from top left): Emerald owl ring, $375; sapphire mini heart earrings, $275; citrine “Fall” ring, $450; diamond Bauhaus necklace, from $325; retro garnet ring, $125, all from Pablo Valencia

Trendsetters in search of birthstone jewelry that’s anything but cookie-cutter need look no further than New York City-based Pablo Valencia. Blending classic craftsmanship with a contemporary sensibility, he creates edgy pieces that stand out from the crowd—like Bauhaus-inspired pendants and sculptural stone-studded rings—and make their wearers feel seen. “I feel that your birthstone gives you a sense of belonging,” says Pablo. “It’s sort of like when you’re in love—every song sounds wonderful, but there’s that one that really gets you.”

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