The holidays are fast approaching, and we’re starting to feel that magical seasonal energy take hold. Who better to help us make the most of that festive spirit than actor, comedian, author, TV personality, bona fide whimsy enthusiast, and die-hard Etsy devotee Whoopi Goldberg? “I’m a huge fan of Etsy because you can find items from artisans from all over the world,” she says. “From clothes to things for your hair—you name it, someone on Etsy is making it.”

Today, we’re thrilled to share her unique perspective and surprising finds with the whole Etsy community in the Whoopi Loves the Holidays guide. It’s stocked with irresistible items, from aww-inspiring felt figurines to hand-hewn tableware, from comfy tunics to critter-themed slippers.

Each and every piece is just as delightful as Whoopi herself, and lovingly made by the brilliant artisans and makers she’s proud to boost this holiday season and beyond. “Everybody has a dream—why not support their dreams?” she says. “Somebody supported mine. It feels right that I should support others’.”

Read on to journey into Whoopi’s world—and get plenty of inspo to take your gift list for family, friends, and yourself to enchanting new heights.

Gifts, gifts, gifts!

SHOP (clockwise from top): Leather laptop sleeve from The Leather Expert, $96; felted mice slippers from Home Soul, $86; tooth fairy house pillow from Under the Hawthorns, $29; pea pod necklace from Smile Sophie, from $28; opalite ring from Wood All Good, $102; custom “Our Story” painting from Gentle Road, $180; pumpkin pie pet costume from Tickety Bootique, from $20; baby headband gift set from Oonaloo, $35 for set of four

In search of gifts that will make a big impression? Whether you’re shopping for someone who’s near or far (or looking for a way to treat yourself), you can show them love with a one-of-a-kind wonder. “An amazing gift is something that someone thought they would like to have, but never thought they would have—because who would make it?” she says. “Well, someone on Etsy makes it!” Get inspired to gift.

Bring it home

Whoopi x Etsy gifts for your home
SHOP (clockwise from top): Linen napkins from Linen Bee Shop, from $58 for set of eight; brown velvet pillow from Dust and Sugar, from $118; hand painted coffee cups and saucers from Perle d’Arte, $83 for set of six; hand-carved wooden kuksa from Luala Silk, from $25; etched wood Berkeley wall map from Etched Atlas, from $62

The Unqualified Hostess author knows that there’s no one right way to set a dinner table—or a festive scene—and counts Etsy as a go-to source for the unforgettable extras that will make her (future) gatherings legendary. “I shop Etsy for everything under the sun—plates, glasses, knickknacks, troll dolls—whatever I think will be fun on my table,” she says. Browse Whoopi’s decor discoveries.

Get her look

SHOP (clockwise from top): White linen tunic from Danellys, $99; cotton hair wrap from Breezy Tee, from $20; black wool turtleneck from LeMuse, $144; ruffle crew socks from Sock Season, $6; flat leather boots from Adikilav, $298; linen harem pants from Ingile, $106

“Comfortable, good looking and roomy.” We asked Whoopi what defines the wardrobe essentials she comes to Etsy for; judging from her picks, we’d also add sculptural, chic, and utterly effortless to that list of descriptors. Get Whoopi’s style.

Whoopi’s fave Etsy purchases

Whoopi x Etsy fave Etsy finds
SHOP (clockwise from top): Felt mouse with cookie from The Pumpkin Mouse, $60; “Tree Face” yard art from Pondscum Ceramics, $41; felt Christmas mouse from DidiDaydream, $68; felt mouse with heart from Happy Mouses, $67; miniature felt animals bookmark from Cozy Mil Art, from $33; red fairy garden dragon from Tinker Treasures, $8; felted wool cat from Puntikva Store, $500

Whether your eyes light up at a miniature masterpiece for your garden, or your heart goes all aglow for a wool-felted animal, you’ll be enthralled by these picks that Whoopi especially loves. Of three handcrafted cats she scooped up on past Etsy perusals, Whoopi says: “It’s the best time I’ve had buying anything.” Go all-in on whimsy.

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