No piece of decor puts your personal stamp on the holidays quite like an ornament. In that magical moment when you first light up your tree, your lovingly arranged baubles at once reflect the unique Yuletide vibes of your household and illuminate all your most cherished milestones (or most meaningful challenges—looking at you, commemorative 2020 ornaments).

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What’s more, accumulating and exchanging new ornaments with your loved ones year after year can be a memory-making experience all on its own. So to help you make those additions even more sparkly, silly, or sentimental, we’ve combed through Etsy’s extensive ornament offerings and put together a festive shopping guide, in the form of a jolly jingle (we couldn’t resist). We hope it inspires you to build your own very merry assortment this season.

Something old

Vintage ornaments
Shop vintage ornaments (clockwise from top left): Pinecone ornaments from Some Vintage 4 You, $27 for set of eight; vintage glass ornament from YesterYears, $14; peacock clip-on ornament from Secondhand New Story, $40; vintage bell ornaments from Granny’s Box, $57 for set of six; miniature clay ornaments from Vintage Southwest, $48 for set of 23

Something new

Handmade ornaments
Shop handmade ornaments (clockwise from top left): Darcy the Peach ceramic ornament from Kayleigh Radcliffe, $88; set of 6 stained glass elements from Bespoke Glass Tile, $83; ceramic sunrise arch ornament from Hereafter LA, $25; flower bulb ornament from Katee Marie, $8; handblown glass suncatcher ornament from 2B Glass, $25

Something to commemorate the year we’ve been through

2020 ornaments
Shop 2020 ornaments (clockwise from top left): We Stayed Home ornament from Taylor’s Touch, from $20; 2020 ornament from Adore Your Door Decor, $20; masked bride & groom ornament from Clay Ornament Shop, $45; masked polar bear ornament from Foreste di Oro, $20

Ornaments that sparkle and gleam in the light

Shiny ornaments
Shop sparkly ornaments (clockwise from top left): Gold leaf ornaments from Holiday Every Day Art, $90 for set of 10; glass spiral ornament from Charged Glassworks, $52; pewter snowflake ornaments from Earthly Creature, $34 for set of three; stained glass snowflake ornament, Glas en Glas, from $48

Ornaments that seem just about to take flight

Bird, bug, and balloon ornaments
Shop bird, bug, and balloon ornaments (clockwise from top): Custom ornament with Luna moth from Nussay, $20; goldfinch ornament from Seattle Papercuts, $10; glass balloon ornament from Zaytseva Glass, from $33; vintage Russian bird ornaments from Found In USSR, $19 for set of three

Ornaments that double as something to do

DIY ornaments
Shop DIY ornaments (clockwise from top left): DIY ornament-painting kit from Jill Makes, $30; holiday birds cross stitch ornament pattern from Pigeon Coop Designs, $16; holiday sweater DIY ornament from Canadian Stitchery, $18; DIY paper citrus ornament from Hannah Cruz Art, $20

Ornaments that clearly were made just for you!

Personalized ornaments from Etsy
Shop personalized and custom ornaments (clockwise from top left): Custom silhouette ornament from Lasso Creations, $25; custom laser cut birch ornament from Light + Paper, $21; wedding ornament from Emily Kinsella Art, $45; custom pet portrait ornament from Red Cloud Studio, from $49; family name tree topper from The Letter Loft, from $49; personalized gold ornament from The Lettering Studio, from $18

Happy tree trimming! And check out our newest TV ad below for even more ornament inspiration.

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