Like a bonus present buried at the bottom of your stocking or an unexpected caroler crooning at the door, some of our favorite items on Etsy delight us all the more thanks to the element of surprise. Whether it’s a tiny brass bouquet tucked inside an unassuming locket or a playful smile subtly stitched onto a pair of cozy mittens, those little magical details that Etsy sellers do so well never fail to make our day. And if there’s anything better than a super-special something we didn’t see coming, it’s a sale just in time for holiday gift shopping! So this Cyber Week, scoop up a handmade, one-of-a-kind find so nice it’ll make you look twice. To get you started, we’ve rounded up 13 awe-inspiring on-sale picks.

Pair of custom couple rings from Cadi Jewelry
SHOP: Pair of custom couple rings from Cadi Jewelry, on sale for $538 for two (originally $672 for two)

Bring “better together” to life with a set of solid gold or sterling silver couple rings, custom-engraved with a pair of initials or a meaningful shape that only reveals itself when the bands are united. 

Enamel portrait mugs from Avonnie Studio
SHOP: Enamel portrait mugs from Avonnie Studio, on sale for $99 for two (originally $124 for two)

Everyday enamel mugs go from ordinary to extraordinary with hand-drawn portraits, which are sure to add an extra splash of warmth to your next campfire singalong or morning coffee routine.

Upcycled rainbow leather earrings from Scandinazn
SHOP: Upcycled rainbow leather earrings from Scandinazn, on sale for $34 (originally $42)

Get ready to bring the party with these on-trend, over-the-top statement earrings that double as wearable confetti. Even better? Since their colorful candy-like dots are cut from scraps of recycled leather, Mother Earth can celebrate too. 

Felted wool cat cave from Love Cat Caves
SHOP: Felted wool cat cave from Love Cat Caves, on sale for $46 (originally $57)

Simple and streamlined enough to blend in with any sophisticated home decor scheme, this felted wool cat cocoon passes as a piece of sculptural fiber art—that is, until a purr-fect pair of kitty ears pokes up through the hollow center, revealing its true purpose. Bonus: It’s machine washable.

Personalized brass locket from Rebecca Tollefsen
SHOP: Personalized brass locket from Rebecca Tollefsen, on sale for $28 (originally $35)

If the enchanting miniature brass bouquet discreetly nestled inside this personalized teardrop locket doesn’t charm you to bits, let the beautiful symbolism of its blooms seal the deal: Eucalyptus branches represent healing and protection, while sprigs of the herb yarrow are said to bestow courage and joy.

Cut-out maxi dress from Sara Bergman
SHOP: Cut-out maxi dress from Sara Bergman, on sale for $134 (originally $168)

From the side, this effortless T-shirt maxi dress, sewn from a soft, stretchy poly/lycra blend, reads as the ultimate in understated apparel—but turn head-on and two circular mesh cutouts appear for an eye-catching effect that takes you from casual social outing to gala-glam in two seconds flat.

Recycled alphabet crayons from Art 2 The Extreme
SHOP: Recycled alphabet crayons from Art 2 The Extreme, on sale from $16 (originally from $20)

Sure, these chunky rainbow letters would look adorable on display atop a nursery shelf, but would you really want to keep such cheerful art supplies out of reach of creative kiddos? That’s right: These customizable cuties are crayons, crafted from recycled colors that have been melted, marbleized, and given gorgeous new life.

Pressed-pansy pendant from Natural Power and Magic
SHOP: Pressed-pansy pendant from Natural Power and Magic, on sale for $38 (originally $48)

If you’re thinking: “Surely petals so perfectly preserved can’t possibly be real…”—guess again! Coated with a layer of clear, eco-friendly resin derived from tree sap, this delicate pressed-pansy pendant—available on a gold-filled or sterling silver chain—is a bona fide botanical stunner.

Concrete and brass desk clock from STURLESI
SHOP: Concrete and brass desk clock from STURLESI, on sale for $63 (originally $78)

Some might argue that the blank face of this concrete and brass desk clock only adds to its chic, contemporary appeal—but if you find yourself craving numbers for easier time-telling, you’re in luck, as long as you’ve got a piece of chalk handy. Not a by-the-numbers kind of person? Mark up the black chalkboard background with the moments that really matter: We’re talking snack time and happy hour. 

Personalized photo keychain from Create Gift Love
SHOP: Personalized photo keychain from Create Gift Love, on sale for $42 (originally $52)

For those prone to misplacing things, a personalized leather keychain embossed with the metallic message of your choice is just the sentimental-yet-practical fix. And a durable steel insert printed with a treasured family photo means you’ll always have the key to your heart with you too.

Smiley face mittens from eka
SHOP: Smiley face mittens from eka, on sale for $18 (originally $23)

Calling all peace sign devotees: Allow us to suggest another posi hand signal for all your outdoorsy winter photo ops. Thanks to the friendly faces accenting their undersides, these cozy crocheted mittens—complete with a convenient connective string—will have you thumbs-upping all who cross your path ‘til spring.

Hand-painted leather handbag from Klès
SHOP: Hand-painted leather handbag from Klès, on sale for $123 (originally $154)

This adjustable cross-body purse is born with an assist from an unlikely tool: a paintbrush. Offset by a supple, nude leather backdrop, the broad strokes of black oil paint dashing across this stylish piece create a bold, unforgettable pattern. It’s half handbag, half modern work of art. 

Succulent pillow from Plantillo
SHOP: Succulent pillow from Plantillo, on sale for $63 (originally $79)

Come across this ultra-realistic succulent pillow in its natural habitat—that is to say, propped up on a couch or leaning against a headboard—and you’ll likely find yourself doing a double take. Created from a nature photograph printed on cotton canvas, this clever cushion tricks the eye with its leafy 3D appearance, but don’t be fooled: There’s nothing prickly about this smooth, snuggly staple.

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